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By: Customer Service | May 16, 2018

My wife is a Russian native. She grew up in the city but her grandmother had a place, not out in the country, but more like the city, Moscow, grew out to the property she owned. My wife, as a little girl, used to walk to visit her grandmother's place. While there, she tended to the goats and helped in the garden.

My wife still longs for a garden. In our front yard, where sun and hope shine, we set aside and churned two patches of earth about four feet square. She grew cucumbers. We bought tomato plants. These were pleasant diversions, not requiring much work, but still satisfying a yearning she felt, and one that I never felt due to being forced to weed the garden, which sapped me of any desire to grow or mow. My brothers and I were forced l...

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By: Customer Service | May 14, 2018

Please join us at the bar from 3 PM to 5 PM on Saturday, 5/19/2018 for an informal meet and greet regarding urban agriculture that includes a live demo of our system to grow microgreens and tall plants indoors with LED lights.

Fifth Season Asheville Market

4 S. Tunnel Rd. # 450

Asheville, NC 28805



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By: Customer Service | March 31, 2018

I took our system up to Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and have a first draft for our new video up on YouTube thanks to Malcolm and Jake at the Center for Photochemical Sciences:



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By: Customer Service | November 08, 2017

We released 7 products on 3/22/2018 for our indoor microgreen and tomato systems. Before we spend any money on advertising and on Amazon, I would appreciate your review in case I made a typo, or something needs a more clear explanation. Here are the products thus far, and the offer made to the folks to help us get going - a choice of one of our systems at a steep discount - is valid now for our first production run. Do call or text me on my cell 984-459-0458 if you are interested. We have 3 systems sold, would like to build in batches of 5-10 if possible, and need to stagger production cycles monthly (hence the 30 day lead time after anyone pays for a system until we ramp up production). All systems are built by hand, and some of the parts ...

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