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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does your system use soil?

You may use soil or soil-less media in our hydroponic systems. There are health department codes that may prevent you from using soil in a restaurant. There are growers that only use soil, and want the microbes to improve their yield. For microgreens, both the coco weave method that Hal uses, and the North Carolina tobacco farmer method that uses the Speedling floating trays use soil-less media (coconut and peat). For tall plants, you may use soil or soil-less media in our 10 gallon fabric pots. If it is your own home, do as you choose. If it is a commercial grow, check with your local health department codes on using soil that contains microbes.

Do you make small systems for an individual, or are all of your systems for big commercial entities?

We designed our Home Series systems for the individual so they are portable, light weight, and fit through a 30" interior door found in residential construction. The systems fit into a 15"x35" footprint, and scale out modularly into large areas including cargo containers. You can set them up side by side, or mount a couple of systems back to back inside of a 4'x4' grow tent. All you have to do is decide how much grow area you need, and the number of grow areas for each of microgreens and tall plants. For example, the MM001 Microgreens Maker has two grow areas with lights. I can fit a Speedling styrofoam float tray in each of those grow areas, and have grown between 12-16 ounces of radish microgreens in one week. Your mileage may vary. Using ball park math, let's just say you get a pound per week per tray with each tray approximately 15"x30" so the scalability of our entire product lines may be easily approximated. Sticking to my example of radish microgreens, you should be able to yield 2 pounds per week on the MM001, 1 pound per week on the CS001, 4 pounds per w

 Net0Ag Model# Approximation of Microgreens Yield (pounds per week)
MM001 2
CS001 1
 PS001 4
PS002 8
 PS004 12

 Net0Ag Model# Tall Plant Capacity (# of 10 gallon fabric pots per 15"x30" grow area)
 TP001 2
CS001 2
 PS003 8

What happens if the power goes out?

If the power goes out for a long period of time, then you might want to turn off the lights, keep the pump and a small fan running on a battery backup, and wait until the power comes back on to turn the lights back on. You may also try turning the dimmer down for a smaller amount of light to conserve energy, and extend the life of your battery backup.

We have a turn-key solar option with battery backup and inverter that allows off grid operation with no power bill each month.