The first time I used Jinvoo, it took me a minute to figure it out (well, hours, actually), and I compiled some resources that may help you.



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Here’s where I bought my device that uses Jinvoo:


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October 2, 2017 Verified Purchase This WiFi Smart Power Strip is very well designed. The options include using, or, turning on,any or all of the plug outlets all from the downloadable smartphone app (Jinvoo Smart). For example, if I have a device using outlet 1, and I want outlet 2 turned on for the ability to plug in another device, I can have just outlets 1 and 2 switched to on. Since I currently have a lamp with a simple step switch plugged into the WiFi Smart Power Strip, the lamp has to be in the “on” position 100% of the time, while I control the actual light on and off from my phone by turning the outlet on and off. Outlet 2 is independent and it can be open and available for a device to be plugged into it. The USB ports are a whole unit- “All-On”, or, “All-Off”.

After you plug the power strip into a wall outlet, scan the QR code and it brings you to the app that this Smart Wifi Power Strip uses. You do not need to have Alexa to use it. (Alexa works with Echo Dot.) Click down the power button and the app allows you to quickly add the power strip and it is as easy as that. At your fingertips, and from anywhere in the world, set your devices to turn on and/or off.

Once initial setup is created (YOU MUST HAVE THE POWER STRIP AND PHONE IN SAME WIFI ENVIRONMENT), you can use your phone from anywhere in the world to access your WiFi Smart Power Strip. Cellular networks (2G, 3G, and 4G) will allow access in to your WiFi Smart Power Strip. This would allow you to be able to turn on lamps and radios in your home to have people think you are in town. There are probably a lot of different devices you can have set up on this. You can even place a timer outlet switch into this unit, set it to “on” on the app, and have whatever you want be on a self timer (if you don’t want to control it yourself) and have other items self-controlled by you. This is a very powerful tool!This WiFi Smart Power Strip is great!

+Built-in Wifi capability+Access from a phone app (anywhere in the world)+Ability to enable whichever outlets are needed+4 USB ports+ Price
-Surge Protection-UL Listing (safety certification)

*Keep this power strip away from any possible water source as there is no surge protection. UL listing is an official safety certification, and it signifies that it has passed all electrical safety tests. (Just some info for you)


Jinvoo Smart on the App Store

Google Home

Google Home

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo


Video on Setting Up Jinvoo and Home Automation


The manual  is so small that you need a magnifying glass to see it. Here are some photos of the essential information for you.

WiFi Smart Devices - User Manual
Setting Up Jinvoo Smart App
Adding a New Device in Quick Connection
Adding a New Device in AP mode