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NetZero // Urban Agriculture - Grow Love. Feed. Every. Body.

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Generals in the Brigade

We are expanding our sales force. We want to create a Brigade: Parents, individuals, and retail stores who want to sell our systems. All you do is contact your friends, or send emails, or hang brochures in the local health food store, gym, or grocery store, or post on FaceBook. Take the phone calls, field the questions, and if the prospect buys, we will pay you a commission.

We do all the support like helping with assembly and answering questions you don't have answers for. You receive a commission for each unit you sell. We will help you out to get set up.

We will soon be needing folks to pre-assemble pieces in Cary, NC. If you can use a 3/4" socket wrench and want to help, send us your resume or description of your past and current work history. Explain a little bit about yourself.

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