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Urban Agriculture Systems

Indoor Agriculture Closed Loop Hydroponic Systems with Water-Cooled Energy Efficient LED Lights - Stacked Pans with 3D Grow Areas for Vertical Farming to Multiply Your Yield with X-Y-Z dimensions without Multiplying the Area Used with only X-Y dimensions. WiFi Smart Controller - 4 timers plus USB for Remote Control from a Mobile Device. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.

NetZero // Urban Agriculture - Grow Love. Feed. Every. Body.

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Our systems include the controller, rack, pans, lights, and pump. Add your choice of soil-less media that conforms to no-soil requirements of city/county health departments for restaurants like coco weave, peat for the floating trays, and ceramic balls for the 10 gallon fabric pots, or use soil. You need only a 3/4" socket wrench to assemble a system. Our LED lights operate below 50V, do not require permits, and eliminate any licensed electrician. Warning - the temperature at the LED surface is extremely hot. Do not touch the LED when it is on, and keep the LED out of the reach of children. The 120VAC pond pump requires a ground fault circuit interrupter. The Home Series of Microgreens Maker and Tall Plant systems for home and mobile installations uses light weight aluminum channel with 15" shelf brackets. The Pro Series Microgreens Maker and Tall Plant systems for fixed installations uses steel channel with 30" shelf brackets. All systems are built to order by hand, and may have up to a 30 day lead time after we receive payment.

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