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Resources » Setting up a microgreens business

We wrote a pamphlet on how to start and run a microgreens business.

Click on the 'How to start a MG Biz' to download the pamphlet.

Also, click the spreadsheet button below to estimate ROI, profit/loss, steps to start, and an order form. Change only the number and text in blue - those are variables you can change. Do not change numbers and text in black. They are part of the formula. DISCLAIMER: THE SPREADSHEET IS NOT MEANT TO BE USED AS A PREDICTOR OR GUARANTEE OF YOUR SUCCESS. IT IS USED FOR ESTIMATION BASED ON ASSUMPTIONS YOU MAKE. NET ZERO AGRICULTURE IS NOT LIABLE FOR MISLEADING OR MISINFORMATION OR CONCLUSIONS YOU MAKE.

Below is a nutrition index and a good suggestion about which greens to start growing first. However, if you are running a business, your prospects and customers will tell you what they want to order.

Nutrition Index